Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to Test inApp Purchase on sample code "In App Rage"

1. create Testing user in itunes connect but never put in itunes login else you will get error and need to create new one.
2. this approach uses "Sandbox Testing" so you will not charged anything.
3. you can do in app testing without affecting any of your app in App store.
                                                      #Thanks  raywenderlich #

1. Registering a new App ID for testing Only 

1.log into the iOS Developer Center, select the “Identifiers->App IDs” tab, and click  + button for “New App ID”.

2.  As an Example put Following Value in App ID Description :

      Name:   like "In App Rage ID"  
      Enable Services: In-App Purchase
       Explicit App ID :  use a reverse-domain name style here example  "com.razeware.inapprage".
       Don't Use Wildcard App id.
   Submit ,viola – you have a new App ID! 

2. Create a new  Provisioning Profiles for this App ID

1. go to  iOS Developer Center, Select Provisioning Profiles .
2. click + Button .
3. Select Development -> iOS App Development,Continue.
4. Select App ID - > select "com.mycompany.mytestapp" from dropdown.
5. Select certificates -> Select your/developer name.
6. Select devices.
7. Name this profile and generate.

3. Add new App in Itunes Connect for above App ID

1. go to itunesconnect -> Manage Your Apps - > Add new app .

     Then enter in an App Name, SKU number, and choose the Bundle ID you just made as shown  below:


  APP Name : Need to be Unique.
  SKU Number : Anything (Only for you)
  Choose Bundle id : You just Created.

2.  The next two pages will ask you for your app’s information. put in placeholder information for now – you can change all of this later.
      upload  ScreenShot if u dont have, you can use this dummy need to upload any binary file. 

3. now you can see your app in itunes. 

4. Add new In App Purchases


  • Consumables. This means things you can buy more than once and can be used up, like extra lives, in-game currency, temporary power-ups, and the like.
  • Non-Consumables. This means something that you buy once, and expect to have it permanently. This means things like extra levels, unlockable content, and the like.
For my case  Once the user purchases them, they should always have them, so choose Non-Consumable.

Next, you will be taken to a page to enter some information about your In-App Purchase. Fill in the fields according to the screenshot below:

Let’s cover what each of these fields means:
  • Reference Name: This is what shows up in iTunes Connect for this in-app purchase. It can be whatever you want since you won’t see it anywhere in the app.
  • Product ID: Also known as “product identifier” in the Apple docs, this is the unique string that identifies your in-app purchase. Usually it’s best to start out with your bundle id, and then append a unique name for the purchase at the end.
  • Cleared for Sale: If this in-app purchase is OK for users to purchase as soon as the app becomes available.
  • Price Tier: How much this in-app purchase should cost.
After you’ve set that up, scroll down to the Language section and click Add Language. Fill out the form that pops up with the following information:

Create 4/5 Entry for In App Purchase like : 

Create Test User:
  1. Select “Manage Users” on the iTunes Conect home page
  2. Select “In App Purchase Test User”
  3. Select “Add New User”.
  4. dont use any email id which is already registered on itunes, as u can not use this testing id  to purchase any item and.
    "dont ever put this email id in app store itunes else u will get error: 

    Error Domain=SKErrorDomain Code=0 “Operation could not be completed. (SKErrorDomain error 0.)”

    " at testing time and then u need to create new Testing id. as it happend to me also  and taken lot of time! :( 
  5. Use it only at time testing time when pop up for account and password appears.  

  5.  Download Source Code From here 

1. open code in Xcode and Update with Provisioning profile created in 2 step. (xcode -> organizer-    >Library->provisioning profile->refresh ).
2.  update code sign.
3. update target with your build identifier , created in step 1 like "com.razeware.inapprage".
4.  Search this in code :
   /* NSSet * productIdentifiers = [NSSet setWithObjects:

 with your in App product identifier you created in  step 4.

and Now Run the app and you are done.



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